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OMG Cakes, squee!

Mmmm frosting and power tools

Ace of Cakes
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This is a community for fans of the Food Network show Ace of Cakes and its glorious leader Duff Goldman (we love you Duff!!!). Ace of what? Glad you asked.

From Foodtv.com: By shaping cakes with drill saws and blow torches and staffing his bakery with fellow rock musicians, Duff Goldman is not your typical baker. Yet he's one of the most sought after cake makers in the country. From a tilted Dr. Seuss-like-seven-tiered wedding cake to an almost perfect replica of Wrigley Field, he and his team of artists dish up sugar and spice in the most unexpected and entertaining ways.

So if you like spectacular works of pastry, mixed with humor, and the ubiquitous power tools Ace of Cakes is the show (and community) for you.

Check out the bakery's website at: Charm City Cakes

The band Duff plays bass in: ...soihadto...

Food Network's Ace of Cake site: Ace of Cakes

Pssst The Fine Print:

P.S. If we have ganked an image, misquoted, or in general over stepped our bounds let us know and we will fix the faux pas asap.

P.P.S. You might have noticed Alton Brown's name in the community interests. I know he's not part of the Ace of Cakes crew or show but we adore Alton as well and have to send a tiny little shout out ^_^