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OMG Cakes, squee!

Mmmm frosting and power tools

5/9/07 03:16 pm - starvanhelsing - I am new here

Hello. I am new to this, so please forgive my unpreparedness when it comes to this journal. I am an aspiring cake decorator. I look for inspiration everywhere and I have to say that Duff, you are my inspiration right now. I absolutely love all of your stuff. My brother in law lives in Texas and said he had found a store where he could buy shirts that go with the show Ace of Cakes. I was wondering if there is a store like that near Louisville, Ky. Thanks for everything you do!

5/1/07 02:17 am - thefoodsnob - Should I change my business name?

It looks like I've found a licensed kitchen that I'll be able to use in order to be a legal, licensed cake decorator. This will provide me with so many huge opportunities and I am really excited. I'm not sure I like the business name I've been playing with for the past year and I want to be sure on the name I choose before I register for my tax id, etc. My current business name is Eternal Sweetheart Cakes.

I've got a poll on my livejournal and was hoping that I could get some opinions from you all as well as my regular readers/friends.

Click the link!


4/29/07 09:21 am - ioldanach - Chocolate

This is only on-topic in the sense that there's probably a large crossover of Ace of Cakes fans and chocolate lovers.

For those who have been following it, good news! The FDA has extended the comment period for the relaxed chocolate standards. For those not following it, you now have up to June 25th to submit your comments on the proposed chocolate standard change, which would allow whey to be used instead of whole milk and vegetable fat to be used instead of cocoa butter. Currently, such a product can only be called "Chocolatey" but the Chocolate Manufacturers Association wants to be able to call it "Chocolate."

Save our Chocolate!

4/28/07 11:54 pm - watermelonwench - Ace of Cakes...

ONLY like my dream career personified!
No, really!

I really want to be a pastry chef for a living. More specifically, I want to learn to mold and create chocolate
When I first saw the ad for Duff Goldman's show my jaw literally dropped.
A man... who uses power tools.... to make cakes?!

No way.
No way.
Yes way!

Sorry, I'm coming off over-geeky here.
I wish I could be less of a dork sometimes, but that's the way it is.

Anyway, I'm so glad to have found other enthusiasts---but does Duff know about the FDA's recent words on chocolate?
Does it matter to him?

And are any of you chefs in your own right?

4/25/07 10:50 pm - __foldandfreeze

anyone have a mailing address for the shop? for fanmail, or what not?

4/20/07 02:08 am - seorgia - Mod Post (yes I'm alive)

First off you guys all rock!!! So many of you stepped up to the plate in regards to the weekly discussion posts. Thank you oh so much. LOL I'm a very bad mod this semester. School and work have been kicking my butt.

Anyhow all kudos aside I had a small announcement to make. Quite a few of you noted in the little poll I put up that you would like to have a cake decorating contest. Now I think this is an exciting idea which we should definitely do. As such here we go!

AoC LJ Fan's First Cake Decorating Contest

This first one is going to be really simple but here are the main ground rules.

* You may not buy the cake from any where (duh!). To this affect it will be required that you take several pictures (or video) of yourself/your partner making the cake. This is a bit annoying I know but I have no real way to judge the validity of your entries without something like this in place.

* The cake must be mostly edible like a CCC's cake. I am all for using power tools and doing super funking things but if they can make the cakes edible (and tasty!) so can we.

* I am alright with cakes being replicas of ones seen on AoC, BUT you MAY NOT claim the idea as your own, sell it, or do anything funking with it. I'm not really expecting this to be a problem but thought I should mention it anyhow. Hopefully the crew at CCC won't mind if anyone copies them. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that.

* Depending on the number of entries we may have a semi-finalist and finalist round. Won't know tell I get the entries.

* In an effort to keep to playing field even as possible you must do all of the work at home. That means any of you pros out there can only use your home kitchen and culinary items that a layperson could purchase. I do not expect people to make things like fondant but you can if you want. Pre-made cake decorations are highly discouraged though. (Like the little sugar ones int he supermarket).

* I shouldn't have to mention this but I will anyhow, all cakes must be kid friendly. By that I mean nothing lewd. I cannot guarantee that only adults read this list and it is not worth it to me to risk anything scandalous being associated with this list. We are a fan listing and it would be horrible if our poor behavior somehow reflected on the CCC crew.

* Absolutely NO photoshopping. NONE. Not even to make the background prettier.

I'm giving people a whole month to come up with an idea, create and document the decorating, and get that footage to me. You are allowed up to four pictures to show your creation from all sides and vantage points. Video is allowed in addition to, but NOT instead of the pictures. You must submit at least one photo for judging. You may also write up a short blurb about what inspired your cake and what you used to create it. I suggest people keep in mind lighting and the like for what shows up well on film. It is not my fault if your cake does not photograph well. Your shots/video of the creation for verification are not included in those four photos. You must have four additional shots/quick video blurbs of the creation. (more is okay if you wanna show off your skills. I may even post the winning cake(s) creation photos if people want.) Please remember I will be posting these picture online, if you don't want people to see your face - don't show it. Judging of the entries will be done by the list as a whole. All entries are to be sent to me at seorgia at gmail dot com with the heading AoC Fan Contest Entry. If you do not get a letter back from me stating that I received your entry and thanking you within two days, either resend or post a note to the community and we will talk. Everyone who enters will receive a little certificate to commemorate this contest.


First Place:               $15 GC to Amazon.com
Second Place:         $10 GC to Amazon.com
Third Place:              $5 GC to Amazon.com


I should have the entries up by May 23 and judging will start from there and go until we have our winners.

So what do you guys think? Any comments or suggestions? If there is a change in the rules for some reason I will post a separate note on the community. I'm a little worried about the prizes as I cannot remember or find what LJ's policy is about such things. If there is a problem I'll think of something else. Otherwise get to baking and decorating people!

EDIT: Just to clarify there is no theme. Be as creative as you want. If you want to mimic an CCC's cake or another professional , I think it will be okay. If you want to do something original by all means do! Maybe next time I'll do a theme but for starters I want to keep it as open as possible. Have fun!

4/20/07 12:29 am - __foldandfreeze

favorite moment from tonight's episode?

mine was probably the duff-ninja encounter in the beginning or either of geof's several humorous reactions to the gumballs in the cake (saying that he wants them to be in there, but that he doesn't want them to be accessible to kids and duff calls him sick [so freakin' funny], and "the white ones tasted like white. the purple ones tasted like purple. i can only assume the others tasted as such"). i'm glad that there were no disasters this week and it was all fun and games.

also, major sadness that the season is over after next weeks episode! anyone know how long before the new season? and perhaps when season two will be out on dvd?

speaking of next week, geof's birthday is next wednesday! awwh!

3/26/07 03:36 pm - pink_raindrops - point of discussion...

Most memorable cake you have every received.

For me, it was the Holly Hobby cake my mother made for my eight birthday. She used a Wilton shaped pan, and all the accessories. I remember he spending hours piping out flowers onto wax paper to put in the freezer for later placement. I don't even remember what kind of cake it was, but I do remember all the labor and love put into that cake.

Second favorite--15th birthday. White iced sheet cake with black music notes and names of my favorite heavy metal bands. My fondest memory was everyone ending up with a black face and mouth from the black icing.

3/22/07 10:25 am - seorgia

So looks like from the preliminary results that people like the idea of some weekly discussion topics. As such, I will endeavor to put up the synopsis of this week's show the day before it airs so we can talk about it all bit, watch it, and then hopefully talk about it some more.

I would start this week but for some unknown reason Ace of Cakes isn't showing this week! There seems to be some silly Unwrapped episode on. Who cares! We want the Charm City Cake crew! Grrr.

Iwill also try and throw up an article (or link to an article) about some current baking topic earlier in the week we could discuss. This part depends wholly on how much free time I can wrangle or get my co-mod to wrangle. One of the problems with working full?time and going to school full?time is a dearth of free time.

Since today’s episode is canceled as far as I can tell I did a quick online search for Ace of Cakes and found this:

Ace of Cakes offers a glimpse behind the scenes at 'extreme' bakery

3/21/07 10:04 am - seorgia - AoC

So we have a fair amount of people on here but this community is still pretty quiet.

In an effort to help us get over this bump and begin getting active in the support of the AoC crew I have contructed a quick quiz. Take a few seconds and give it a whirl.

Poll #951009 Community Activities and Information

What kind of activities would you like to see here?

Icon contest
Layout contest
Cake decorating contest
Logo contest for the AoC LJ fan community
Weekly Discussion Topic relating to the show or general baking
Other - please leave comment

Who is your favorite AoC cast member and why?

What was your favorite episode?

What other things could we do to make this community rock?


3/20/07 09:52 pm - __foldandfreeze

oh, hello there. i'm maria. i'm twenty three and i live in maine. this is my first post and i have an odd sort of question.

in my quest to learn more about geof, i have googled his name a few times, and one of the results i keep getting is that a geof manthorne played trumpet on against me!'s 2005 release, searching for a former clarity. and today, when i told one of my friends of this strange occurance, he told me that against me! did record their album somewhere in maryland/near baltimore (i have no idea if this is true, as i do not follow against me!'s career as closely as he does).

can anyone verify that this is indeed our fondant rolling king geof manthorne? or is it some name doppleganger?

2/24/07 11:03 pm - purpura - The King Kong Episode

I would like to say that those were not pterodactyl, but in fact, a pteranodon. How does one tell the difference? Pterodactyls have tails. Pteranodons do not!

2/19/07 10:12 am - ksleepy - Funky Purple Cake

I've just recently started working with fondant. I made this cake for a friends birthday this weekend.

Its not quite how I wanted it to turn out, but I'm pretty happy with it.

2/18/07 06:28 pm - thefoodsnob - My version of the Fist of Rock cake

Vanilla Cheesecake, frosted in Cream Cheese Frosting, covered in chocolate plastique. It's not as good, but I had some issues with the cheesecake so I had to give it to my friend before I could get all the detail on the cake.

For those about to rock...WE SALUTE YOU!Collapse )

2/12/07 11:22 pm - purpura - Anthony Bourdain's Reviews

He reviews most of the Food Network line up, and I agree with most of what he says (Good Eats Fans, take a look at what he says about Alton). The full review can be found here.

And I actually got this link from good_eats.

THAT ACE OF CAKES GUY: Hey…He’s got talent! And..he seems to be a trained chef! And he’s really making food--and selling it in a real business! I think…I like it! If I have one reservation, it’s that I have no idea if the stuff actually TASTES good. It LOOKS really creative and quirky--and I’m interested but…I mean...it’s like construction going on over there from what we’re told and shown. One suspects that the producers don’t want to waste valuable time talking about anything so technical as food--on “Food” Network. I mean...what’s in those cakes, beneath the icing and marzipan and fondant? That said, it’s the only “kicky, new, cutting edge, in-your-face” hopeful they’ve managed to trot out of any quality in memory. Hope it lasts. Wait till they try and put the poor bastard on a pony--or do a “Tailgate Special” with the usual suspects. Or a “Thanksgiving Special” where he has to sit down with the bobbleheads and pretend to like it. On balance, it’s still probably the best new project they’ve come up with in a long, long time

1/19/07 09:13 am - purpura - Quick note on the Icon Contest

Well, the contest didn't go so very smoothly. This is a very young community after all.

So to that end we are going to just put up all the entries on the info site tomorrow.

I still have to watch the new episode. And I can't wait. Gods bless the wonderful thing called TiVo!

1/18/07 10:11 pm - hatfullofstars

Anybody seen Duff's page on YouTube yet? Looks like it went up just a day ago. Watching Duff chase a clown definitely raised my spirits.

1/8/07 04:49 pm - seorgia - Icon and Layout Contest

Hiya List Folk! Here's a little something to keep us occupied while we wait for the new episodes to start. I emailed Charm City Cakes to ask if we could use some of their images for layouts and icons, here's their response:


Hey Seorgia! Thanks so much for starting the LJ group - that's so awesome! Feel free to use images from our site, that's super cool. If you could just put a line in there somewhere that says "Photos Courtesy of Charm City Cakes" that'd be awesome. Many thanks and rock on for starting the group!

mary alice yeskey

manager | charm city cakes


To kick off the new season let's have a few contests ^_^ We're going to have an icon contest and a layout contest. The icon contest shall be split into two themes, icons with people and icons containing the cakes. Now there could easily be crossover but try to keep within the themes. Layouts are what ever you think looks good!



The winning layout will get bragging rights and have their layout be placed up here on the aceofcakes LJ group. The winning two icon entries get bragging rights and to be added as community icons.

All right guys lets get to cracking!!

1/8/07 04:25 pm - purpura - Some Ace of Cake Links

They have a message board on the bottom, that has an interesting debate or two. Ya gotta love trolls.

The Super Chef Blog
This had a nice little description of how Duff got the show started.

Baltimore City Paper
It's from 2002, but still a good read.

So there ya go. Read, obsess, discuss as you will. There are more links off google but I got tired before linking them. ;)

1/7/07 03:40 pm - masteralida - Charm City Cakes Cakes

I've just sent confirmation to Mary Alice for our fourth cake - it will be an Imperial Star Destroyer, complete with little shuttle and red guards, serving 35 - 40. With the size of their cakes, that really means like 75 - 100. All the cakes I've ordered before have been for approximately 12 - 15 people and well... let's just say that's a REALLY low estimate, because they really feed more like 20 - 25 at the least! And they're so good!

Here are the cakes I've ordered so far:

http://masteralida.livejournal.com/805366.html <- the first cake, Jan. 06, for my daughter's 13th birthday

http://masteralida.livejournal.com/990642.html <- the second cake, for Shore Leave, in Hunt Valley, MD. This is a scifi con and we're a Star Wars roleplaying group, so...

http://masteralida.livejournal.com/1114678.html <- the third cake, for my parents' 40th anniversary (they're air hockey fiends)

There will be pics of the fourth when we have it in May! We're doing it for a party at Marcon in Ohio (I'll be getting the cake in Baltimore and driving out with it), to announce the convention we're doing in Kansas City in October.

I'm also considering a fifth cake for my daughter's 8th grade graduation. She and my husband took an offroading trip to Utah this past October and she'd really love to have a cake portraying that for her party.

1/7/07 02:55 pm - purpura - Greetings to the list

I have been officially dubbed transcript person here for our little Ace of Cakes fan site. I'll start with season 2 for the detailed stuff and go back and do season 1 as time permits.

The new season is set for January 18, 10:30 on the Food Network.

And for those interested, here's a quick blurb of the repeat episode being shown today at 5:30 est, Triple Crown Cake.

Triple Crown Cake
Meet Chef Duff Goldman and the Charm City Cakes team. The upcoming week is a busy one—the staff must crank out 21 decorative cakes including a special cake for the Preakness, one of the three biggest horse races in the world. Duff will be delivering the cake to the Maryland Jockey Club's VIP tent in the infield—no easy feat. The other main cakes we follow are the Jeep cake being done by Geof, and the Kasey Kruger wedding cake that Duff is creating for a college friend's wedding. Among the other "background" cakes for the week are an X-Box cake, a fish cake, a dentist cake (complete with gum paste dental instruments and teeth), a crazy pink-and-black cake and several other wedding cakes.

Taken from the Food Network and posted in full for archival reasons.

1/7/07 01:16 am - seorgia - Yay New Season!

Yay a the new season of Ace of Cakes starts soon! Is everyone looking forward to more power tools mixed with baking? I cannot wait ^_^ It starts that day before my birthday. Yay to early birthday presents.

So I finally worked on the format and background of this group a little more. I will admit the I am not so much of the wondrous when it comes to LJ layouts. There is also a significant dearth of good Ace of Cakes type pictures out there. If anyone is more artistically inclined towards layouts and has some free time (I know ha ha), let me know if you are interested in fixing up the layout.

Also, if there is anything you want to see on this LJ. Or if you have and suggestions feel free to just shout it out. We don't bite her (well not often anyhow).

K, I'm going to wander off towards the finishing of my cinnamon rolls.


10/24/06 10:28 pm - seorgia - Men Working

As you may have noticed this community looks a little bare. No worries I will be fixing it up within the next few days but I'm a little swamped at home and I've a bit of a head cold. So tune in next time same cake channel, same cake time.
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