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Miss Karen


Hi Aces of Cakes Fans,
          Last Summer, when our kitchen was being remodelled, I made some fondant cookies, using Duff's fondant & cookie cutters; at 1st, I made them just to snack on, just to see if it would work.  I then made some for the volunteers at the Snowline Hospice Thrift Store, then made several for my trip to Atlanta; they were popular & some wanted to know how I made them, so I told them.  I made some during the Fall months, then left it alone, till I wanted to use them again.

This past Holiday season, when I was making different kinds of butter cookies, I looked at the fondant to see if I wantede to use it; I noticed some spots on it & thought, `Hmmmmm, may be I can get the spots out & still use it.  I then forgot about it & wondered if it's still good; I do plan on checking it out, getting rid of any spots, then see if it's any good for me to use.  If so, then I'll use it & put it in the refrig (or freezer), till I use it again; if not, I'll throw it out, get some more & put any unuseab le portions in the freezer.

I'd like to know your thoughts on this & any suggestions you may have;  also, I'd like to know what kinds of things you create with the fondant & what you do with the portions you have left. 

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