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Charm City Cakes now blogging.

Yep--that's right folks for those of you that are interested in that sort of thing, Charm City Cakes now has a blog. No clue where the time will come from to write in it since it's not as if they have nothing else to do as cakes not blogging is their business but they've got one just the same! You can check it out by following this link.
You've gotta give Mary Alice a raise or a medal or something for doing all of that writing between the no doubt tons of emails she has to sift through daily because of the show and now more writing to keep a blog! Wow! Insanity will likely ensue!
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OHHHHHH, cool! I wonder if they have an RSS feed that we can syndicate over here to LJ.....??? Maybe? I wonder if the mods could get it to run through the community...
It doesn't look like they do and they may not know that they can. I've discovered the hard way that most people don't know that they can do that with their blog or their site for that matter. It looks like their blog might be hosted through their webhosting people which doesn't really matter except for the fact that you'd have to know how to make the feed. Yes I'm officially a dork. I've been doing web-related crap for too long. LOL!