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OMG Cakes, squee!

Mmmm frosting and power tools

1/29/11 08:34 pm - mskarenfoodblog - Fondant

Hi Aces of Cakes Fans,
          Last Summer, when our kitchen was being remodelled, I made some fondant cookies, using Duff's fondant & cookie cutters; at 1st, I made them just to snack on, just to see if it would work.  I then made some for the volunteers at the Snowline Hospice Thrift Store, then made several for my trip to Atlanta; they were popular & some wanted to know how I made them, so I told them.  I made some during the Fall months, then left it alone, till I wanted to use them again.

This past Holiday season, when I was making different kinds of butter cookies, I looked at the fondant to see if I wantede to use it; I noticed some spots on it & thought, `Hmmmmm, may be I can get the spots out & still use it.  I then forgot about it & wondered if it's still good; I do plan on checking it out, getting rid of any spots, then see if it's any good for me to use.  If so, then I'll use it & put it in the refrig (or freezer), till I use it again; if not, I'll throw it out, get some more & put any unuseab le portions in the freezer.

I'd like to know your thoughts on this & any suggestions you may have;  also, I'd like to know what kinds of things you create with the fondant & what you do with the portions you have left. 

6/6/10 01:37 pm - amyb0223 - Duff comes out with his own line of cake decorating materials!

Brand new and piping hot... In case you all didn't know, apparently, according to this entry in the Charm City Cakes site blog, Duff has come up with his own line of cake decorating products.
According to that entry, they are available at Michaels stores.
However, I just saw mentioned on the Charm City Cakes twitter that there is now a web site Duff.com, which also appears to sell his products, (or some of them at any rate,) as well as gives some info.
So, for all you aspiring decorators out there, you too can try your hand at masterful, crazy, awesome, cake creations! =)

5/24/09 11:40 am - calamitycasey - Duff and Kate Plus Eight?

So, I'm sitting here watching my guilty pleasure, Jon & Kate Plus Eight, and what do I see but a preview for the new season where Kate [I didn't see Jon... Surprise!] and the kids go to Charm City Cakes on her birthday! :] Just wondered if anyone else had heard anything.

Found the link!


5/19/09 11:17 pm - likeapiano

i had a question regarding two episodes. does anyone know which season/what episode these two events happened?:

1. ben and katherine are pretending to have their own cooking show. it was so corny and funny.
2. geof creates a cake that ends up being taller than him, i think it was for a newly established business? ben helps him deliever it. now that i think about it, i might be mixing up episodes. all i know is that when ben was helping deliver the cake, he was all "oh man, going to have a panic attack!"

thank you!

4/24/09 05:03 pm - sarahnade - Finally!

For all those who've been asking, Season 2 of Ace of cakes is now available on DVD!
Find it on the Food Network Store:

Please buy it so that they keep putting out the rest so that those of us who can't afford cable can still watch our favorite bakers being awesome!!

8/22/08 01:12 pm - weehobbit - Ace of Cakes fanfic?

Hey guys, I'm new to the community but not to the show :) I was wondering if there is any Ace of Cakes fanfic out there? Doesn't matter if they're drabbles, gen, slash, het, I'd love to read anything. I did a bit of googling and searching in the usual places but I've only found Ace of Cakes!Bandom fic, lol.

Any links hidden away in your memories/bookmarks? Would love any links you could send my way.


7/13/08 04:28 pm - nejlbana - reminder + request

Just in case anyone hasn't caught it yet, new Ace of Cakes starts this Thursday at 10/9 central.

Also, anyone here have any website space? I'm putting together a fanlisting for Ace of Cakes, and I.. Don't have anywhere to put it anymore. I'd appreciate it a lot if someone could give me some space, I swear I won't take up much room.

3/26/08 02:35 am - kaila1223 - Sweets + Special + Sensitive = Geoff

I don't remember where I heard about this originally but I finally got a chance to watch this video of Geoff singing an amazing song in the CCC bakery. If anyone has any idea what the name of the song is or where I could maybe get a copy of it for my mp3 player or anything in that vein I'd really appreciate it. :)

3/21/08 02:35 pm - amyb0223 - More AoC stuff.

For all who may be interested...

The Food Network Addict blog has an interview with Duff, Geof, and Mary Alice from when they were all at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival this past February.
click here to read if interested. I'm not sure how much new info you'll learn but...


3/21/08 07:25 am - amyb0223 - Ace of Cakes Chefography.

Hi all!
Thought that you guys might be interested in this.

Chefography: Ace of Cakes
April 10, 2008 9:00 PM ET/PT   
April 11, 2008 12:00 AM ET/PT   
April 12, 2008 9:00 PM ET/PT   
April 13, 2008 12:00 AM ET/PT   
April 13, 2008 6:00 PM ET/PT 
About the episode:
From Food Network Site:

"Before Ace of Cakes became an overnight sensation on the Food Network, the patriarch Duff Goldman, and his eccentric supporting staff, embarked on a unique
journey to the spotlight. Chef Duff's background is a story of childhood rebellion, art, music and culinary adventures — including a raucous stint at Burger
King, a wild ride at a prestigious pastry school, and a job at one of the best restaurants in the world. His diverse experiences and determination led
Duff to hire his friends and open one of the most creative, successful and entertaining bakeries in the nation: Charm City Cakes."

Just thought I'd share the info.
Have an awesome Friday!


1/21/08 02:21 pm - loony_moony7 - Duff on PotterCast

Duff is interviewed about the Hogwarts Cake on this week's episode of PotterCast!

10/14/07 06:20 pm - amyb0223 - CIA podcast featuring Duff.

The Culinary Institute of America podcast series entitled "Insight from the Inside," recently featured an interview with none other than, the ace of cakes himself, chef Duff.
I haven't downloaded it personally, but thought I'd pass the info on to you all in case any of you are interested. Even if you don't learn anything new, it should at the very least, be inspiring.
If you're interested in listening, grab it here.


9/21/07 04:52 pm - amyb0223 - Charm City Cakes now blogging.

Yep--that's right folks for those of you that are interested in that sort of thing, Charm City Cakes now has a blog. No clue where the time will come from to write in it since it's not as if they have nothing else to do as cakes not blogging is their business but they've got one just the same! You can check it out by following this link.
You've gotta give Mary Alice a raise or a medal or something for doing all of that writing between the no doubt tons of emails she has to sift through daily because of the show and now more writing to keep a blog! Wow! Insanity will likely ensue!

8/5/07 01:04 am - weirdo_myztiza

This is a really, really, random question...

But does anyone know how old all of them are ?

I'm just curious.

Please and thank you!


7/23/07 08:58 am - jem_endured_fit

When does the new season of Ace of Cakes begin?

And what night at what time.

(Ok, I confess I DO have a DVR which would tell me when but I'm not at home right now....)

6/23/07 08:49 pm - thefoodsnob

All finished!  I am THRILLED with how this came out and can't wait the cake that goes with it - though that won't happen for a few more weeks.  But they will be nice and dry by then.  Everything is 100% edible except the veil, the straight pins that are on the veil and in the flowers and the bamboo skewers that are up their butts.  I'm so extremely happy with these, I'm darn near in tears.

Tweety Bride and Taz GroomCollapse )

6/23/07 01:20 pm - thefoodsnob

I have a Looney Tunes theme wedding in July and this is the Tweety Bride (yes I know Tweety is a boy bird, but what the bride wants, the bride gets) that will serve as 1/2 the topper. I have to make a Taz groom. I still need to add a bouquet of flowers to her hands (she's not praying) and a veil and I need to dust her legs orange when she's dry.

I tot I saw a wedding cake...Collapse )


6/8/07 09:58 pm - masteralida - 8th Grade Graduation cake

This is the cake for Roo's 8th grade graduation party (well, dinner, anyhow). I need to get better pictures tomorrow, when it's not so dark in the house. The cake is based on a long trip this past October that my husband and our daughter took, offroading in UT with his sister and her sons.

More pictures behind cutCollapse )

Roo is thrilled with it! I'll take more pictures tomorrow once I put the "dirt" around it. Mary Alice said the white board under it was too boring, so I was sent home with a bag of graham cracker crumbs :-D

Oh - and we talked about the cake for the Imperial Banquet at Daranacon in Kansas City in October. Duff's got an AWESOME idea of something to do with the cake for the banquet. I'm excited!

6/4/07 05:01 pm - masteralida - Star Destroyer posted :)

Our ISD is up on Charm City's website. They didn't get shots of the the shuttle and red guard, though - which is a bummer, because those got just as much attention at the party!


5/23/07 07:45 pm - masteralida - ISD Cake

Roo and I drove down to Baltimore to pick up the ISD cake for Marcon for the room party.

Here it is!

cut for megaphoto postCollapse )

If you're going to be at Marcon, the room party is Friday night - room number TBA.

If my inner Jedi was happy eating the Death Star, it's doing a jig at the thought of an Imperial Star Destroyer!

5/16/07 12:31 pm - masteralida - Will post pics next week :-D

Spoke with Chef Duff yesterday - the Imperial Star Destroyer cake for the Daranacon room party at Marcon will be ready next Wednesday at 5pm.

I am very excited about this cake! Even more than I am for my daughter's cake we're picking up from him in June (just don't tell my daughter I said that!).

5/16/07 09:44 am - __foldandfreeze - am i going crazy?

alright, so i was on the food network's website to see what the rerun for this week was going to be when i stumbled upon this episode:


now, am i wrong or is this a new episode that is airing AFTER the season finale??? because i'm pretty sure i've never seen the dr. duff episode before. did i miss a week or is this new? anyone know? and i know that they have it in the lineup for season two, but is it actually the beginning of season three? or is it just because they're doing some weird promotion week at the food network (something about seconds and thirds, i never pay that much attention to their commercials)?


5/15/07 09:23 pm - seorgia - Cake Contest

Hey guy we have a little under a week before the contest close date and I have pretty much no entries. I know it is a busy busy time of year (I for one have just finished a semester of college). I'll extend the contest close date by one week. Hopefully this will give people time to think up some cool new ideas. Good luck everyone!

5/15/07 07:17 pm - deepinblue - Interview With Duff Goldman

Recently my online magazine, Starry Constellation Magazine, had the PLEASURE of interviewing Duff Goldman. If you'd like to take a look at his interview please click the link below:


You can also take a listen to his interview by clicking the link below to the podcast:


Please do not post any content or take any clips from our interview. Feel free to let us know what you think!
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